Ski instruction for kids

20 Oct 2006
Archived: 2020-01-08

The ski instruction is on the area of the Training Center of Buda, on plastic slope. A shuttle bus takes us to this slope from the parking-lot behind of the endstop Bus 21.

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The first occasion: on the first Saturday of November at 10.00
In Novemberben and Decemberben there are 2 instrusction: on Saturday and Sunday. From January only on Saturday.

On these instructions 2 slopes are available. So we can teach the beginners and the advanced kids in one time.

We teach the beginners on our ski and snowboards trips, but the first days are not very easy for kids. And the lessons on the plastik slopes unburden these days for them and of course for us. Beside this, kids younger than 3 can try if they like this sport or not.

The lessons are from 10.00 am to 11.00 am
Meeting at 9.30 am at the parking-lot behind of the endstop Bus 21.
Departure at 11.30. (also at th eparking lot)


Clothing: As far as possible every kid should wear suit, which can be dirty, because it's inevitable. Important that they dress with more layers, because kids may get hot. They shouldn't wear suit which can get caught because it dangerous! The socks are winter socks, unribbed, no anklet. Necessary wear gloves and hat.

Equipment: Skis, skiboots, no need skipoles. Used skis are appropriate on this slope. We can help for choose the equipment.

More information: Takács Gergely +36/30 221 4246.